Mrgrlgrlgrl is world top 1000 Cutting Edge World of Warcraft raiding guild (two nights, three hours each) with an active Mythic+ pushing community.

Our goal is to progress through content at a comfortable pace, and have fun while doing it. We strive to maintain a friendly and laid back atmosphere that encourages growth of all guild members.

Our Mythic raiding times are minimal, from 7:30-10:30PM server time (CTZ), Tuesday and Thursday. Due to our limited window to raid, we expect strong attendance from all core raid members, with exceptions for emergencies or pre-coordinated absences.

We have an optional heroic farm raid Wednesdays from 7:30-10:30PM server time (CTZ).

Loot is not our primary objective, nor is the speed of our progression; we are primarily focused on downing bosses as a team and having fun.

We have an active Mythic+ community including non-raiders. End of patch 8.3 we finished with around 10 players at or above 4k+ score, with nearly 30 players at 3k+. We welcome Mythic+ only players who have a strong score with their own rank for groupfinding.

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Required Add-ons

We use Discord for voice in raids as well as to socialize as a guild. We encourage all members to regularly join Discord voice.

Install Twitch Client and then the following add-ons. Add-ons should be updated regularly and always before raids.

Have questions about how to use any add-ons? Ask in guild chat.

Raider Expectations

We expect the following from our raiders: